Saturday, July 15, 2017

June 2017

June! Summer is here! The kids started a 2 day school program at a different place for June and July. They both love it. Their teachers they new from the Y-play at the gym. We had quite a few people over for dinner this month. Its funny how that ebbs and flows. But literally I think we had 5 different sets of people over for dinner on weekends in June. It was great to catch up with all of those people. Jack went to his first Vacation Bible School at the church for a couple of days. We got word Christopher's grandpa died so we headed to Georgia for the funeral and to spend time with extended family. I went to Naples on Passion for Baking business and spent some good time with our dear friends, Maren and David and their family. We took the kids to their first theme park, Dollywood. They both loved the rides and if they could they would have done more. We got our house painted white this month and its amazing!! All in all....the summer is off to a good start. Jack and I made a summer wish list and we have checked off quite a few of the things from it this month.

**Funny/Sweet Story's of the month (I remembered to write down)**
In our many road trips this month and small towns we drove through Jack would always point out the water towers and say "is that a milk tank or a water tank?"

This is a sweet story but also of the mouths of 4 year olds. 

We asked Jack why he went to Georgia when we got back the next day. He said "Because grandaddy got dead." Later that night we were putting him to bed and he asked "Is Grandaddy going to grow back?" I love how little minds are working and trying to comprehend such big ideas. 

#Jackamadeus - BIG BROTHER update!
  • Highlight - Jack is becoming quite the self-starter and completer. I have noticed that if he gets something out to play with like a puzzle he always wants to finish it. 
  • Food - He is a boy after my heart. This kid loves all things olives and pickles!
  • Play - We have a new game in our house where we take all of the tote bags of the house and fill them up with toys and carry them around the house. Its called, "Going on a trip".  
  • Personality/Growing up - These kids are great travelers. They love to sleep in the car and it has made our many trips this month quite pleasant. Also - we might have a kid who is a little semi-obsessed with TV. I try to not allow tv at all during the week but on weekends and on road trips, this kid loves it! 
  • Learning - Jack is becoming quite the little artist. He is drawing trees and flowers and people. He also is letting everyone know that he draws in the lines and that is what everyone is supposed to do not just scribble scrabble. 

#Francineclaire - LITTLE SIS update! 
  • Highlight - I painted Francine's little toes for the first time and she loved it. I can see pedicure dates in our future very soon!
  • Food - She is definitely branching out more and more with food. Her whole life she has not be a fan of avocado (whose child is she) she loves it!
  • Personality/Growing up - Right now she has an intense stare into your eyes when she asks you a questions. This girl has got confidence for days, but I can see a sensitive side to her. Lord help me to help her balance these intensities. 
  • Skills - When she is talking to you she sometimes end her sentence with, "You understand me?" It cracks me up and I am not sure where she got it from. Or she will say something and then say "Okkayyy?"
Until next are some photos from life lately! 

May 2017

May! We had a good time this month! You work hard and you play hard right? That is definitely the theme of my life right now. I took a girl's trip to Chicago with my roomie from before marriage. Had a blast! This month ended the kids school at Christ Church. Manuela and Maren came in town for a week of researching all things sweets and Nashville for Passion for Baking. Usually when you have little kids you got to toddler birthday parties. This month, we went to two 90th Birthday parties. Also Mother's Day was in the middle of the month and we celebrated by going to a fun new brunch spot and the children's theater to see Goodnight Moon. I love these little nuggets to pieces that call me Mama. 

**Funny/Sweet Story's of the month (I remembered to write down)**
I dont know why I think this story is so funny, but here it goes. We were doing a reading lesson with Jack and the word was WENT. And he said it in a sentence, "Ya we went to the cemetery". For those that dont know, we walk to our church's Memorial Gardens (aka cemetery) often since its in our backyard, but was so funny to me. Not...we went to get ice cream or we went to the toy store...we went to the cemetery!

Francine is getting to be a funny kid these days too. We were hanging out outside and she was sitting next to our friend Hunter and she looked up at him and said "Do you like my crocs?" in the biggest NY accent I have ever heard in a while. It was amazing and I was beyond joy! Lately when they get something right, Christopher and I both same "Boom!" Francine has been beating us to the word...she will do something good and come show us and say "Boom!"

#Jackamadeus - BIG BROTHER update!
  • Highlight - Jack is becoming quite the self-starter and completer. I have noticed that if he gets something out to play with like a puzzle he always wants to finish it. 
  • Food - I have continued to encourage them to try new things but man, American kids are American kids...nothing makes this kid happier then chicken nuggets, french fries, and ketchup!
  • Play- the playroom has not gotten old in this new house (well 15 months new!) He still enjoys spending a lot of time in there with all the toys
  • Personality - He has always been a very aware child. I am so thankful for his kindness and his intentionality and just he is very intune with people and what is going on around him. Those are usually not things that you describe a 4 year old with but they are instinctual for sure. He also loves to just have fun and not be worked up about things. 
  • Learning - We are halfway through our reading lessons book and he is starting to read things wherever we go. Its so awesome to see his face light up when he sees something he can read. 

#Francineclaire - LITTLE SIS update! 
  • Highlight - Francine and I were watching the CBS Sunday morning show and they were showing a picture of the country of Japan...she looked at me and said, "Is that poopie?"
  • Food - Alert Alert!! Francine likes broccoli! Its amazing. I have tried everything to get this girl to eat greens...finally one green! ;)
  • Personality - Lets just say this child is blooming. She is so spunky and a highly confident way. It makes me so happy to see her come out of her shell. 
  • Skills - we now talk about "best friends" in our house....oh Lord! Francine will say to Jack are you my best friend? And then he is required to move her chair closer to him because thats what best friends do! Another thing she is killing me with is she will ask me a question and then she will say "Yes or No Mom...Yes or no!"
Until next are some photos from life lately! 

Dont ever want to forget these piggies

Thursday, May 11, 2017

April 2017

April! This was a good month. Lots of exciting things happened. We did all of our annual Easter traditions. We tagged along on a work trip with Christopher to North Carolina. Christopher celebrated his 36th birthday and we had an awesome party where some of our best friends did a 10 course meal called the 10x10 at one of our favorite restaurants, Josephines! We did for the first time this month take our kids out on day dates. I took Jack and Christopher took Francine. I hope this is something that we can continue to do as they get older. 

**Funny/Sweet Story's of the month (I remembered to write down)**
We were looking through Jack's Thomas the train magazine and we found a train named Phillip and I said "thats just like your name" and he said "No Mom...mines got an S in it". 

I put Francine to bed one night this month and I walked by her door and I heard her sing Happy Birthday to herself and then at the end she said "Happy Birthday Francine!" It was hilarious!!

#Jackamadeus - BIG BROTHER update!
  • Highlight - Jack has a special skill that Christopher and I have noticed. He knows how to turn music to the perfect level for certain environments. Its amazing. We say to each other...we couldn't do it as good as he can. 
  • Favorite color - Red. Still!
  • Favorite food - I would say its Mac n Cheese this month or Chick-Fil-A
  • Favorite hobby - We are definitely into playing outside right now
  • Favorite song - Let's Go Fly A Kite from Mary Poppins. It makes me so hapy!
  • Learning - I have found that he is really good at teaching. He will show Francine how to do something and then he will explain it to her on her level. Its really cute!
#Francineclaire - LITTLE SIS update! 
  • Highlight - On Good Friday, we attended a stations of the cross service and there was one part where the group was asked to carry the cross. Francine heard that and she said "I want to carry Jesus' cross". Others heard her say it and they told me after the service how it moved them. I know it meant a lot to me to hear her say that and also carry it...but it was such a sweet moment when others came up to me and told me. 
  • Favorite Color - Blue. Still! 
  • Favorite food - We still aren't a greens lover over here yet, but she is enjoying freeze dried thats a win! 
  • Crying - She has definitely warmed up to many people this month. People laugh and say, "I think she likes me now..."
  • Skills - I think the best part of Francine is she is starting to play with Jack as a friend. She is also getting to be silly and joking.
Until next are some photos from life lately! 

2 year and 4 year checkup!

Cheekwood Easter! 

Easter cuties!

Hosted Friend's Easter Dinner at our house!

Vacation to Gatlinburg and Asheville

Hotel living!!