Monday, January 1, 2018

November and December 2017

I have tried to do a monthly blog for about 3 years and on been blogging since 2010. It's nice to look back and see all the pictures and cute thoughts. In my life right now, its not going to be possible going forward in 2018. I am learning to find places to say NO to really good stuff because we can't do it know? I still want to find a place to put the Phillips life out there so I am going to do more intentional posting in social media vs. just a picture. I think I am also going to mix up the Jack and Francine Sunday photo hashtag to include a silly quote from one of them that week...that will include some humor and cuteness overload and see how that works vs. going forward with a blogpost monthly. So consider this the last one till I see fit. Jack and Francine are almost 3 and almost 5 and I think the "digital baby book" has served its purpose. I have been able to record milestones and funny stories. So without further is the final post.
November December
We made some great holiday memories together. We also spend some good time with family. I attended a really cool event for business in November and one of my favorite authors did a really cool event in Nashville. Our friend Hunter did an Enneagram Retreat which was awesome to attend! This year it was our second year doing a real Christmas tree! It was also our first Holiday season where we stayed home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Two Christmas concerts that were amazing that Christopher put on! First time we hosted Christmas at our place this year. It was fun and chaos all mixed together. But I think it was great! Thankful to end a really succesful year being on a trip to Chattanooga with Christopher celebrating 10 years together and planning and preparing for 2018! 

**Funny/Sweet Story's of the month (I remembered to write down)**
When we are on Facetime the other day talking to grandparents. She was "reading" to them and when she ended the story...they said, "Francine who gave you that book?" And she said, "I dont know if it was Jesus or Santa". 

Another one of Francine being silly is she was reading the Advent book and she said "And Joseph told the reindeer to go up the mountain"

Jack was telling me about a song in the cars movie and he said the word "vroom" and he said I don’t think they speak the same language...I think they speak England!

#Jackamadeus - BIG BROTHER update!
  • Highlight - Jack asked at bedtime one night, "after you turn 99 do you turn zero again?"
  • Personality/Growing up - When jack was 3 he want to be a train conductor. Early 4s he wanted to be an astronaut, doctor, and train conductor. Late 4s (Christmas this year) he said he want to be a raise car driver. He's growing up! 
  • Learning - We were driving in the car and Francine saw the train on the side of the highway and she said why is it not moving and Jack said because it doesn’t want to...he wants to take a break!
#Francineclaire - LITTLE SIS update! 
  • Highlight - Thanksgiving day Francine decided to jump out of her crib for the first now she is in a big girl bed. 
  • Personality/Growing up - She is very demonstrative and when she is telling stories she always used the word "HUGE" except she says HHEEEWWWJJJJ!
  • Skills - She loved Christmas as does all toddlers. But at one point before Christmas we asked her where Santa got the presents from and she "Jesus gives them to him".  She is also getting really smart and logical (SOMETIMES) in her thinking. Before bed one night, we were singing Away in A Manger and Twinkle Twinkle (As we have for the past 365 days....only this time she said, "Mommy did you know that both of those songs talk about stars in the sky?"

Here are some photos from life lately! 


Friday, November 24, 2017

October 2017

October has been a crazy month for America. A lot of scary stuff out there...I saw this quote that was so beautiful from the late great, Mr. Rogers and I dont ever want to forget it.
"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.' To this day, especially in times of 'disaster', I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers -- so many caring people in the world".
October is our anniversary month and one of my favorite months because of the perfect weather. It was a busy month but we had a lot of fun! We celebrated a lot and did a lot of "pumpkin fun".  Jack and Francine were in their first wedding and they were adorable. 

**Funny/Sweet Story's of the month (I remembered to write down)**
So Francine...not sure if she was admiring me or making fun...I came upstairs and she had her backpack on and pretend phone and she was saying, "Hi this is Amanda, and this is Amanda's voice".

#Jackamadeus - BIG BROTHER update!
  • Highlight - This kid has a routine every week on Sundays. We head into the coffee shop, he gets a coffee cup, a water bottle, and turns on a floor lamp (that for some reason is never on when we walk in).
  • Personality/Growing up - This kid! When he is needing some attention, he will go into the living room and turn on my favorite music or Christopher's...depending on whoever he needs time with at that moment. 
  • Learning - We like to go to the library on Wednesdays after Jack's school. Each week, I have been trying to teach him more and more about the library system and how it works. He loves the library and his favorite part is he likes to look up books on the computer and then go find them. That's my boy!
#Francineclaire - LITTLE SIS update! 
  • Highlight - She has been quite obsessed this month with unicorns. I had their Halloween costumes picked out (Woody and Jane from Toy Story). It was going to be perfect, then... she found out about unicorns...and it was all she could do. Anyway, it ended up being absolutely perfect! She was the most adorable unicorn ever.
  • Personality/Growing up - Francine woke up and told me that her elephant wants to be a unicorn, and her baby bear wants to be a caterpillar, and she wants to be a cow.
  • Skills - This child has reasoning down. She is 2! If Jack has two toys in his hand and he is headed out to the car, she tells me "Jack has two toys so I need two toys". This is literally the storyline all day every day. If Jack does anything, it has to be fair and Francine will make sure and let me know!

Until next are some photos from life lately! 

Her Hair! :)

Her teacher sent me this from school!
Fall at Cheekwood!

Holiday decor up!